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Strangers No More 2013 in retrospect: Navinga Chitala

This summer Dutch Mennonite Mission organised in Guatemala its fourth edition of Strangers No More. Navinga Chitala from Zambia reflects and gives her report.


In my report, I will talk about the benefits that I obtained at the conference and some suggestions to the program.

I would like to give thanks to the Almighty God for giving me an opportunity of visiting and meeting the STRANGERS NO MORE 13 participants. Furthermore, this program really added value in my life in so many ways. Some of the benefits are on Joseph’s cycle. This story taught me to show love to people in society by sharing with the poor, or the rich. To show love and care for each other, even if we are from different countries with different cultures, we are one in the eyes of God and together we shared one love. The story taught me that, in life we need each other and therefore we need to forgive the people that wrong us in order for us to show love to our enemies because in forgiveness, we get the blessings from God. This story also teaches me to resist temptation that comes my way and to have patience in life because when we practice patience, good results pays at the end.    

In all the outings, I really enjoyed because I learnt a lot of things, like working together in the community which promoted unity in our group. In sharing and giving to the needy, we gave hope to people who are helpless, no matter how small something maybe, in order for us to be blessed. I did not miss home because CASAS became like my second home, and the whole group became my family and together we were Strangers No More.    

My suggestions to the program are that, we should have an exchange visit, that is, other countries can also visit our country in order for them to see how we live. Another thing is that when we have such a program in future, especially in the classroom section, three lectures or teachers from other different countries would be idea because in this way we would be able to share different kind of life experiences and also ideas.   

In conclusion, my special thanks go to the Dutch Mennonite Mission who made everything possible and for inviting me to be part of the team. I give thanks to Reverend Mabuluki for recognizing me in order to attend SNM program. I also thank the directors of SNM in Guatemala for the job they did and I thank Afke who managed the class very well and all the participants of SNM for all the contributions they made. God bless you all. 

Navinga Chitala (Harriet)


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