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Strangers No More 2013 in retrospect: Merianti Sinuraya

This summer Dutch Mennonite Mission organised in Guatemala its fourth edition ofStrangers No More.Merianti Sinurayafrom Sumatra-Indonesia reflects and gives her testimony.


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

First of all I would like to say thank you to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the chances given to me, especially for the opportunity to participate in Strangers No More 2013 in Guatemala, Central America. I praise the Lord, for everything given to me; the greatest of this being the salvation as given to me.


I could not imagine how wonderful God’s gift to have the opportunity to visit the Netherlands and Guatemala (Central America), or how wonderful our fellowship on these events should be.

Very happy indeed I was to meet and get to know Mennonite friends from different cultures, places, languages around the world (Tanzania, Central America, the Netherlands, USA and Zambia). I am grateful to have been able to share our cultures, problems, and many things more. Now, I have many families from many countries. Thanks to brothers and sisters from Dutch Mennonite Mission (DMM) who made this event and invited me.

Strangers No More (SNM) 2013 is a great program. SNM 2013 equips young adults to become true believers of Christ, to become shalom makers, to bring peace and brotherhood/sisterhood in our families, our churches and our communities.

The lessons out of The Joseph Cycle by reverend Afke Maas and reverend Kangwa Mabuluki, blessed me a lot to understand Him more. Joseph faith in God never failed, although he had been around suffering for a while in his life. He decided to trust in God, even he did not know what should happen in his life in the future. We can overcome sufferings when we trust and obey God. I learned how to bring shalom among the participants, to bring the Shalom to the host families and communities. We are living together, learning together, working together, celebrating together.

Visiting the Indigenous people in Guatemala, and meeting Chontola’s Widows Coop in Guatemala really opened my mind. I learned it is not just only my own country where there is a big problem to share the Word of God: all countries have such a problem to share Word of God. Let us start praying for so many countries with different problem to share God Love. And so many people will get to know about our Lord, Jesus Christ the savior of the world. And many young people will raise-up to serve Lord Jesus Christ.

(Pray for each Country already Joining in SNM and for The New Brothers and Sisters who will raise-up to serve Lord Jesus Christ) Amen…

Now you, you planned ill against me, (but) God planned-it-over for good, in order to do (as is) this very day - to keep many people alive ( Genesis 50:20)


Merianti Sinuraya





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