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Strangers No More 2013 in retrospect: Eko Susanto

This summer Dutch Mennonite Mission organised in Guatemala its fourth edition of Strangers No More. Eko Susanto  from Java-Indonesia reflects and gives his testimony. 


Strangers No More (SNM) 2013 is a great program. It is a very blessing program. SNM 2013 equips young adults to become true believers of Christ, to become shalom makers, to bring peace and brotherhood in their families, their church and their communities.

I really like and enjoyed how this program was going. SNM 2013 with its main theme: “Hermandad / Brotherhood and Sisterhood” brings along a great impact to the life of the SNM 2013 participants. We studied how to become brothers and sisters, how to create a good brotherhood relationship, from the gifted teaching of the Josef-Cycle by Afke Maas. We learned how to bring shalom among the participants, to bring the shalom to the host families and community. Having studied the Josef-Cycle, studied about bringing shalom and about creating brotherhood and sisterhood, we applied that teaching by living together as family, working together and celebrating together.

Studying and practicing. Learning and doing. These things make a deep and lasting impact in the life of all participants so that we really grew to be brothers and sisters, to make shalom, to make good relationships. We share our joy; we share our burdens; we share thoughts and ideas: that is the atmosphere of a family of God.

One more sentence to say: “SNM 2013 is a great, blessing program with great impact on bringing shalom.”

Eko Susanto

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