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Strangers No More 2013 in retrospect: Priskila Indah Natalia

This summer Dutch Mennonite Mission organised its fourth edition of Strangers No More in Guatemala. Indah Natalia, participant from Java- Indonesia, reflects here and gives her testimony.

I thank God for the great opportunity He has been giving me to join the SNM2013 program in Guatemala, Central America.

I was very happy to meet many Mennonite friends from so different places around the world (Central America, USA, The Netherlands and Africa), and I am thankful to have been able to share our ideas, cultures, times, and many things more.

Through this program, I taste and see how great our God is. To experience the wonderful nature He created, to feel His presence in our life, in His great gift to make us able to learn, to work and to celebrate together, to be blessed by His love, with the children and the people around us; God is a merciful and awesome God!

And the lessons out of The Yosef cycle (led by rev. Afke Maas-Smilde and rev. Kangwa Mabuluki), blessed me a lot to understand Him more.

I learned about the brotherhood: this is all about love and everything included in it: forgiveness, patience, no envy, no arrogance, caring, sharing, being kind,
rejoice not in unrighteousness, but rejoice with the truth;
bear all things, believe all what has been promised by Him, hope for all those things, endure all things, and never fail.

Yosef\'s life is a very good example to testify God\'s love. Although Yosef is very human, he dares to depend on God, he fears God, and he worked hard. He learned from his mistakes, and he learned to keep balance in loving God and loving the people.

It is not easy to learn such things or to follow the good example of Yosef. However, the Holy Spirit inside of us may guide us to the trust we can do through Christ who will strenghten us. And we may also believe that in the end we will be tended for our good.

I thank the Lord so much for each person who made this program happen and helped to accomplish it so well. :)

I pray that this program may be continued to bless the youth and the people with the passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the coming years.

Let us keep seeking for His will, let us be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, let us share "The Good News"  and let us keep faith until we go back "home" or He returns. Terima kasih! :)
Greetings from Indonesia to all of you. Emmanuel.

Priskila Indah Natalia