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Mission 2010 - 2025

What is our vision now? For what do we stand? We have been formulating this as follows since 2010:

We believe in the One, the ever-present, our only God.
We are grateful for the wisdom of the Bible stories and the path revealed in these by Jesus of Nazareth.
We feel a strong connection to ecumenism.
We believe in equality and respect.
We believe in the mission and missionary work as being a cooperation between sisters and brothers far away and close at hand.
We believe in good contact with our followers.
We believe in small-scale activities.
We believe in voluntary work and working directly from within the Mennonite congregations in the Netherlands.
We believe in the value of Mennonite sources of inspiration.
We believe in each new day and the encounters they bring.
We believe in the unpredictable and unknown possibilities.
We are motivated to work far away in foreign lands and close at home in the Netherlands.
Our guideline is that we want our efforts particularly to contribute to the understanding of Bible stories and based on this equip those people who want to commit to strengthening the spiritual work.

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