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Where will we be heading the next few years? A couple examples:

Theological education there and here

Missionary work is no longer one-way traffic from Europe to other parts of the world: it is about working together on an equal footing (another important priority from our 2010 - 2025 Vision). In 2004 the Dutch Mennonite Mission agreed to cooperate with an ecumenical network of churches in Zambia: Theological Education by Extension Zambia (TEEZ). A module involving the Story of Joseph (Genesis 37 - 50) was developed together as theological educational material. Learning together in a group is the working method used in Africa and this module is tailored to this. The method implies that those who are TEE-educated will work themselves as trainer: the "extension". In the Utrecht Mennonite Congregation we started to use this module and working method to examine how this method could be used in the Netherlands. The Haarlem Mennonite Congregation, together with groups in Zambia, will conduct further work on developing study materials on the Gospel according to Mark. We are seeking further cooperation with the Mennonite Seminary in Semilla (Guatamala), where there is also a lot of experience with TEE. In Tanzania we are supporting the establishment of TEE in the North West of the country.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has of course been a missionary area for a long time. The Mennonite Mission will gradually also focus more on this area. This means that in addition to "De Ruimte" drop-in centre in Almere, activities will be undertaken in and around other, smaller Mennonite congregations. In particular the Mission aims to think with those congregations undertaking missionary activities and so enter a new phase in their community lives, such as in Koudum.