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What is our current vision about the Mission?

Many things change, including the vision on missionary work. A discussion has been taking place within the church-going community in the Netherlands in recent years about implementing contemporary missionary work. Missionary work had increasingly become a form of care or development aid. The current opinion, also among Mennonites, is that missionary work does have another orientation; it should focus more on equipping those people who wish to work for the church-going community. For example, we would like to contribute to joint understanding of Bible stories and what they can mean for us and for others. Not only overseas, but surely in our own country too. Read more

Our direction as missionary organisation

Of course you can't change course from one day to the next. But we are trying slowly to alter our course. The Dutch Mennonite Mission will continue to be involved in ongoing projects that it established and supported with a lot of effort in the past. In rolling out new initiatives, however, we look critically from our current objectives. This means that in the coming period we will warmly support existing projects while also taking new initiatives.

What is our focus for the coming year? Read more